I ate a Classic Byron Burger with Courgette Fries and an Oreo Cookie milkshake at lunch and I’m still full.  Actually I’m feeling like a right ole bloater – a name my best mates brother gave me at uni for my ability to put away a lot of their mothers recipe yummy curry.

It was a little bit too much food for my 5 foot 2 frame but made me a very happy ole bloater.  What made me rather smug and content in my fat bloater status is that I ate the above meal at my desk.  Now there is a whole other blog post about if we should or shouldn’t eat lunch at our desks (I’m still too full to write it now) but today I did eat at my desk as I’ve been a very busy bee, but I wanted a good and proper burger.

This has happened before but I’ve dismissed the idea as I’ve poured over burger menus as I couldn’t justify a longer than normal lunch break sat in a restaurant – I get fidgety thinking about all the things I could/should be doing.  But today I discovered Byron Burger takeaway!  The perfect solution and efficient in every way –a good meal in a jiffy with the ability to take the length of lunch break I want. http://www.byronhamburgers.com/menu/takeaway/

It was so easy, picked up the phone, placed the order, nipped downstairs to the Byron Burger on Langham Place (we don’t have a Byron Burger in the building – although we should) was greeted at the door by name (I’m guessing that many people like me, pre-today’s burger have not yet cottoned on to the ability to have  takeaway) and a bit of banter, some good service and a lift ride later and hey presto I was sat at my desk with a proper burger in my hand all in the space of 15 mins! My burger enthusiasm was so catching one of my work mates wrote a poem which I shall leave you to ponder. (He obviously had nothing better to do with his lunch break!!)


Burger Burger at my desk,

How I make such a mess,

You taste so good, you taste so great,

If only I had a suitable plate!


Every lunch time I hear your call,

How I wish I could eat you all,

But there is one thing that would really help my craving

And that is if we had a Byron inside our building.


(NB Byron Burger are not sponsoring this blog post, but maybe they should?)