The only reason I can think of which should stop you going to see Kingsman: The Secret Service is if you can’t get a babysitter (kids come before films obviously) In which case you either need to draft in some emergency childcare or rent and download this film as soon as it is available to do so because you don’t want to miss this one. It releases on Thursday (29th January) in the UK so start planning now.

Staring Colin Firth and directed by Matthew Vaughn you know it’s going to be brilliantly English but add Samuel L. Jackson to the mix and you have a film that crosses X-men with Lock Stock with an extra helping of humour. Basically my perfect film – action packed but lighthearted with twists to keep you on your toes.

With a star studded cast, Kingsman: The Secret Service tells the story of Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin (Taron Egerton) who lives on a South London estate and finds himself drawn into the suit clad super-secret spy organisation headed by Arthur (Michael Caine) that his late father secretly worked for. Recruited as a trainee by Harry Hart (Colin Firth) he is flung into a very competitive training program. In the meantime tech genius villain Richmond Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) plans to solve the problem of climate change which seems tame but really isn’t when you get into the details.

Kingsman : The Secret Service Official trailer

I went into the cinema to see this film with very high expectations having been told how great it is and I wasn’t disappointed. There is enough fighting and gore to rival any Quentin Tarantino film but I can only describe these scenes as creatively artistic with colour and music used in the most ingenious way that you don’t seem to notice that someone has just had their throat slit and an axe lodged in their head.

Richmond Valentine (Samuel L Jackson) is a squeamish villain with a heart and a lisp that makes him hard to hate. He is actually lovable and his plan to solve global warming is obviously cruel (he is the villain, so is expected) but ingenious. His beautifully lethal side kick is the one to fear – I was glued to her every move as I sat munching popcorn.

You can’t help but like Eggsy (Taron Egerton) from the start even if he is heading for prison and is the stereotypical South London estate yob but he gives those yobs a good name and proves his worth over and over. Helped along by fatherly Harry Hart (Colin Firth), although you don’t want to get on the wrong side of him.

This film has enough edge of the seat moments – did you know how useful a shower pipe and a toilet u-bend can be in some situations? – and twists to keep you hooked but enough laughs to keep it light hearted. There are a couple of moments when you really feel for Eggsy’s baby sister and as a parent that knot in your stomach makes you want to watch through your hands just in case but not enough to leave any lasting can’t sleep thoughts. (or maybe that only happens to me if I see any child in horrendous situations?)

Running time is 1 hour 40 mins, add trailer time and depending on the showing times available at your local cinema you can have the kids in bed before you go and be back before the baby sitter starts to charge double time or gets board and starts trying on all your clothes or eats the full contents of your fridge.

A brilliant film with a brilliant cast, brilliant story line and brilliantly done. In a word Brilliant!
Go see it and then download it to keep, or buy the DVD.