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12th May is a big day for me – I’m doing a very very high abseil down Spinnaker tower in Portsmouth. I’m not afraid of heights but considering the only abseil I’ve ever done was down a 10ft wall when I was 12 and going over the top of that was scary, the prospect of abseiling spinnaker tower is a little, erm….. nerve racking and frightening. What made me do it?

Spinnaker Tower

Well, it’s for a the Queen Alexander Hospital Home and our disabled ex-service men and women – that is a pretty good reason to put my nerves to the test as well as my fears as let’s face it, what our service men and women do and have done day in and day out is pretty much at the top of conquering everything their bodies are probably telling them they shouldn’t and that’s even before they set foot in a war zone and go on tour.

This is something that is close to my heart.  My husband is ex-army and hearing how hard he found it not being able to go about his army duties as he had been training so hard to do and the difficulties of getting back to ‘civi street’, I can only imagine how tough it is to get back to a life that has been far removed from what you have been used to, and then add into that the challenges that a disability brings.

All our ex-service men and women need and deserve our support especially those that have to deal with a life changing disability that has taken everything they have known away from them both inside the services and outside.

So all that I ask you to do today when you read this is to pledge just a couple of pounds and sponsor me.  Don’t have a coffee from your favourite coffee shop just for today and pledge that money instead.  Don’t spend that money on that takeaway or magazine just once this month and pledge the money instead.  That pair of shoes or that gadget that you don’t really need – sponsor me instead and the money will go to people who really need and deserve it, not just one day this week or month or for a few times that you will wear those shoes or use that gadget but to help them for the rest of their lives.  If you can’t sponsor me then spend a little time and ask everyone you know to sponsor me instead.


I know that I may not know you but if there is one great thing you do today that can make a difference, make it this.

Thank you x



I’ve heard Big Hero 6 being referred to as Frozen for boys. Why there has to be a gender differentiation I don’t know (that is a whole other blog post) but boy or girl Big Hero 6 has got to be the best film out of Walt Disney Studios in a long time. Directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams and created by the team behind Frozen and Wreck it Ralph this action packed 102 minutes was not disappointing. My 4 year old was on the edge of his seat and at one point even got up and walked down the isle a little to be closer to the action.

The similarities to Frozen? Younger brother Hiro has his older brother taken away from him when he dies akin to how Elsa has her older sister taken away from her when Ana hides herself away from from the world. The obligatory group of friends help Hiro deal with the adventure he is thrown into as Elsa is by Olaf and Hans and the siblings are orphaned when their parents are in an accident, but that’s where the similarities end. There is no singing, but the soundtrack scored by Henry Jackman is Disney Epic, as you would expect and theme by Fall Out Boy adds to the greatness. The animation is right up there at the top and makes Frozen look bland in comparison.

An action-packed comedy, there is nothing more brilliant than an oversized inflatable huggable robot named Baymax, programmed to give top priority to human healthcare not wanting anyone to be hurt, embroiled in a superhero vs villain adventure full of chases, tight spaces and a teenage boy going through puberty. That in itself is enough to go see the film on but add the storyline, the emotion, watching 4 geeks, Baymax and Hiro turning into Superhero’s and then just add the names of Hiro’s friends and it gives you even more reason.

There are some themes to talk through with your child depending on their age. Death, losing someone, anger, revenge and why the bad man wanted to hurt the good guys are the main ones that my 4 year old asked about but it’s a fast paced colourful entertaining watch and for the likes of you and me it’s one that can be watched over and over again as many times as your child wants (with no songs to get stuck in your head). No jump in your seat moments that we noticed but there is a little fighting which comes with a superhero vs villain storyline but it’s ‘Disney fighting’ and the weapons are not your usual variety. My son wants to know if I can make him enough play dough that he can stick Daddy’s feet to the floor so he can’t walk anywhere.

Big Hero 6 Official Trailer

So would we rather watch Frozen or Big Hero 6 over and over again in our house? Big Hero 6 for sure!! I’ve already started planning the robot/superhero party for my sons next birthday and the cake will be pretty easy – big white robot, but then I guess that’s pretty similar to an Olaf cake it’s just that a Baymax will be a bit more epic.

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