A Minion = A squidgy looking lovably funny one or two eyed yellow little creature in overalls that can be depended on, if you’re villainous enough.

Ever since Despicable Me hit our screens and then Despicable Me 2 it’s not the villains and the little girls that have captured our attention – although Margo, Edith and Agnes are rather cute, they just aren’t as lovable as the Minions. They have stolen the show and so it’s no great surprise that later this year the Minions movie will hit our screens – a prequel to the Despicable films (BG – Before Gru).  After being unsuccessful at keeping their villainous masters, the Minions find themselves in trouble and so Minions Stuart, Kevin and Bob (there is just something really funny about Minions with regular names!) go on an exciting mission to find the most despicable master, which leads them Scarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock).


The film is out on 26th June but over the past few weeks our 4 year old has rediscovered Despicable Me. Probably as he has seen the trailers & adverts for Minions – I’d forgotten how brilliant these films are BANANA!!!! and I’d also forgotten about the merchandising onslaught that no doubt will follow.  Somehow we have managed to avoid any kind of major merchandising for anything and the majority of things our son does have, have been bought by family for him and so cover a range of films.  They tend to be pyjamas and a couple of toys, our son’s room doesn’t look like a shrine to a film.  But the Minions merchandising doesn’t seem to bother me as much as some other films, maybe as I’ve fallen for it or maybe as I find them just so damn cute! Or maybe as our lives are not yet overrun with it, as merchandising can take over your child’s and therefore our lives.

The one and only item our son does have is a pair of Minion slippers, which I probably need to go and find in readiness for the Minions film release.  What would be great is if I had my own Minion to go and find them for me – BLISS!! BANANA!!

Let me know your thoughts on merchandising and how you deal with it in your home.