Kid meets kid, kids wants to be friends with kid, the other kid doesn’t want to be friends with said kid, they are forced together by circumstances beyond their control and the unlikely pair become the best of friends and put themselves on the line for each other. Two by Two has the same kind of story line that runs through a lot of children’s films and I have to be honest I was bored to start with – although my 4 year old wasn’t which is what counts – but this turned out to be a great film with a twist I should have seen coming but didn’t expect.  This films has some bad reviews in the press but for the less critical and more-about-the-kids-as-it-is-a-kids-film-after-all types then it’s a pretty good one.

Underdeveloped … Two by Two

As you may have guessed from the title, this is the story of Noah’s Ark and the animals preparing for a forty day and forty night flood. But if you’re not on the list then you’re not allowed to board the Ark, which is captained by the king of the animals, the Lion. Unfortunately for Finny and his Dad, Nestrian’s are not on the list and although they manage to sneak on board their adventure is only just beginning. Finny and his new reluctant friend Leah find themselves over board as the Ark sets sail and they must work together to survive the flood as their parents must do, setting aside their differences, to turn the Ark around and rescue their children.

Rated U this film has a bit of kung fu comic violence and mild threat as the carnivores share a Ark with the herbivores and Leah and Finny outsmart predators on their journey to high ground. A random use of computer games at one point which has a punch em up feel to it and Tetris makes a cameo which was all a bit out of place but maybe I’m missing something – it wasn’t bad just, well, random. My 4 year old jumped once throughout the whole film and he was so cute when his bottom lip came out and he cried when (SPOILER ALERT) Finny drowns, or so it seems.

Two by Two official trailer

In all a great film with issues to discuss around bullying as Leah is less than happy with the friends they make along the way and upsets them with her comments. My son asked why Leah’s mum didn’t want to be friends with Finny’s dad when he was being nice to her and trying to help so a discussion around stereotyping and judging people without knowing them ensued, on a 4 year olds level of course.

Definitely one to go see and even one for the DVD collection too, maybe. 4 out of 5.