Finally the time has arrived for the movie we have all been waiting for and it’s frankly very yellow and everything you would expect from a movie with the Minions in it.

Considering those little yellow squidgy creatures get everywhere and the trailers have been hard to get away from, the plot is surprising with twists galore!! Some not so great but they are forgiven as it’s the Minions.  Even when I set foot into work I can’t get away from them!

Minions BBC R1

See what they got up to .

I don’t really want to give too much away and I don’t think I need to give you a rundown of the synopsis, the trailers do their job, all you really need to know is that it is the better-than-Despicable-Me prequel to Despicable Me.  Sandra Bullock as Scarlet Overkill is positioned just right – scary enough but seemingly nice enough too, to start off with.  She also takes the best line of the movie ‘work for me and all your dreams come true – respect, power…. Banana!!’ oh, and Bob becomes King of England, for a while.

This movie is also for the adults with references to many iconic moments, the Beetles Abbey Road album cover being one of them and many moments in history from evolution and the dinosaurs to the swinging 60’s and the birth of TV.

Just one jump in the seat moment for my 4 year old which was right at the start when the T-Rex makes his first appearance.  A lot of use of weapons Minion style from lava lamp guns and missile launching skirts so lots to chat about with your little one.  My son was most interested in the fact that Scarlett Overkill seemed nice (SPOILER ALERT) but ended up not being so nice to the Minions in the end.  When asked what his favourite bit was he said the (SPOILER ALERT) part in the dungeon – where Kevin, Stuart and Bob were to be tortured, but ended up having a great time!

The typical English caricature portrayal of the Queen is nothing more than brilliant from the teeth to the night spent in the pub. What I will say is the larger than life twist near the end (you’ll know it when it hits you) was a bit well, overkill, but maybe that was the point?  But the ending leads brilliantly into the frist Despicable Me movie.

The marketing and awareness around this film has been huge – minions appearing on suncream to yogurts and clothing and many other brands you would never have thought of – Vogue? They are reaching all audiences and all age ranges. The Minions are in fact also fashion designers don’t you know?  I personally love these Rupert Sanderson court shoe part of a larger range.


Overall a 4 out of 5 – mainly as I think we have a soft spot for the minions and have rose tinted glasses so they need a slight come down no? And on that note I’m off shopping…..