lego man headstand

I’m feeling a mix of emotion right now. Happiness, worry, sadness and excitement.  Our little boy is starting school in September and although I’m excited for him, as he is very excited himself, I’m also sad that my little one is growing up and worried about him being OK.  He will of course be just fine as children are a lot more robust and resilient than we sometimes give them credit for, but before all that there are the holidays to contend with which is new territory for us as parents, juggling time off work and childcare. I also want to make sure we spend the quality time together which the school holidays offer and with that in mind we have set ourselves a bit of a challenge ticking off all ten things from our list of ‘Ten things to do with Mummy and/or Daddy before I start school’ *high five*   (it doesn’t involve standing on our heads like our friend Lego man, we just liked the photo, in case you were wondering.)

Our list of ten things, a mixture of what we as parents think would be pretty cool (we will see if our son thinks the same when we come to it) and what our son thinks  would be wicked (his word, I can’t even begin to think what word will mean ‘good’ when grandchildren arrive – cool, wicked….I digress)

Our ten things are…

  • ‘Grow’ some butterflies (sons idea)
  • Camp in the garden (my idea)
  • Cook a meal – main and dessert ( a mixture – I say cook he says bake)
  • Build a den using things we already have at home (a mixture – he wants to build a den and I’m already thinking about what we can use in the house that we can put back again afterwards)
  • Go to the theater (my idea. It’s Kids Week – it is actually a month but it’s called Kids Week – in August at London theaters- take a look!)
  • Grow something we can eat (a mixture – he wants to grow things and eating them would be pretty cool and maybe a way to get him to eat more veg?)
  • Climb a tree (sons idea with help from daddy)
  • Create something from cardboard boxes
  • All play in the park like children, like REALLY play like children, all of us (daddy’s idea – he tends to do this anyway!)
  • Face painting DIY style (a mixture – sons wants his face painting and I think well I’m going to have to have a go at that then)

With our list in hand we start our challenge. First up, ‘grow’ some butterflies. We are all excited about this one, although I’m feeling slightly itchy at the thought of little caterpillars in the house. We order the pack and wait for the post…..

Follow my blog to see how we got on and we challenge you to set your own 10 things and let us know how it’s going!!

I’m off to sit by the front door with our son waiting for the post to arrive and I look forward to hearing from you.