I feel like I’m Inside Out sometimes – why it when you ask your child to hurry up, they slow down?  I remembered that this happens as we were late for our showing of Inside Out.  ‘Anger’ was jumping up and own in my mind trying to take over my actions console but ‘Joy’ wasn’t letting her as thoughts of ‘It’s OK, we just won’t have to sit through the adverts and trailers which is no bad thing’ raced through my mind. And on the outside I was nice and calm and encouraging and joyful…..

Inside Out

Inside Out has to be the most colourful films we have seen in a long time.  From Pixar, this film tells the story of five emotions jostling for position in 11 year old Riley’s mind.  All is going well and is led by Joy (Amy Poehler) until Riley’s world is turned upside down when she moves to San Francisco with her parents.   Although her emotions try to guide her through the difficult time it becomes apparent that Sadness (Phyllis Smith) is a lot more important than Joy previously thought when they are accidentally swept away from headquarters and into the outside world of Riley’s mind.  Anger (Lewis Black), Fear (Bill Hader) and Disgust (Mindy Kaling) are left to run headquarters alone as Joy and Sadness embark on the journey back, taking care to bring all Riley’s core memories with them.

A brilliant and original film but I can’t help but feel it is more for adults than children.  Wonderfully thought out and brilliantly executed, who knew our memories were stored in big shelving units and disposed of in a hoover?!?!?!  BUT it was just a bit too much for my 4 year old to understand.   Saying that an 8 year old would love the whole thing and it was very entertaining for my son – he didn’t fidget at all and enjoyed it a lot. (Even the little film at the beginning about a volcano looking for love – nothing to do with Inside Out but great all the same.  Actually, it was better than some full films I have seen, but I digress) My 4 year olds best bit was (SPOILER ALERT) when Riley came home again and his favourite character was ‘the green girl’ i.e. Disgust. There were no jump in the seat moments (one in the short volcano film though) although the clown was pretty scary and both of us decided this as the bit we enjoyed the least.

Quite a lot to talk to your child about in this film, if they are old enough to understand it.  Emotion is a powerful thing but they combine in many situations and nothing is clear up – one emotion or another.  No conversation with my son about this film though past his best and worst bit.  But overall a brilliant film and I wouldn’t mind seeing it again, especially as I get the feeling it’s one of those films you need to see a couple of times to fully appreciate everything in it.