A typical story – rabbit wants to be a police officer, family discourage her as it’s not the family business or in ‘her nature’ but she tries hard for it anyway, graduates and becomes Officer Hop, gets singled out at work for the boring jobs but manages to ride to the top anyway when she volunteers to help a woman find her missing husband.  Expect GI Jane and Erin Brockovich rolled into one…. but as an animal animation.  What more could a child and parent want!?

In the city of Zootropolis where all animals – predator and prey – live peacefully together the first ever rabbit policer office, Judy Hopp must prove her colleagues wrong when they don’t take her seriously.  When hustler Nick Wild, a red fox is framed for a crime he didn’t commit he and Judy work together to uncover a conspiracy.

Both my 5 year old and I loved this film.  A brilliant premise for a story and fantastically executed to keep you glued to the screen all the way through.   Known as Zootopia in some countries this fantastical animation comes from Walt Disney animation pictures, directed by Byron Howard (Tangled, Borther Bear, Bolt) and Rich Moore (The Simpsons, Wreck –it Ralph, Futurama] and stars Ginnifer Goodwin as Judy Hopp, Jason Batemore and Idris Alba amongst many others with Shakira also making an appearance.

We sat on the edge of our seats – well my 5 year old on the edge of my knee that was on the edge of the seat.  Once thing I love about going to the cinema is that my son always wants to sit on my knee which is so snuggly and nice – doubt it will last much longer. Anyway, I digress….

A great film for ages 5 and upwards although there are some scenes with threatening behaviour and a few twists and turns that were just about understandable for a 5 year old.  Two major jump in your seat moments, one involving a panther and another, an otter that were just about tolerable for my 5 year old.  A small scene around drug cultivation and manufacture but this is overshadowed by the disastrous effects and twists in the story.

There has been much discussion about the film since we saw it a few days ago with themes around trying your best and following your dreams, as well as being nice and not mean and how people can seam nice but actually aren’t….. but they might be being mean because someone has been mean to them, but that’s not a nice thing to do and you shouldn’t judge someone by generalisations (i.e. the animal nature) or stereotypes… and breath.  The conversation has been constant with my 5 year old as he made sense of the story.

I’m not going to add any spoilers as it’s just too good to spoil but my sons favourite part was near the end which is a really brilliant twist that also involved a lot of discussion afterwards for him to get his head around.  It was also the only part that scared him too so a real mix of emotions for him.

And my favourite part, the sloths at the DMV – Department of Mammal Vehicles.  Flash the fastest sloth at the DMV should have his own film………..

Zootropolis, released tomorrow in the UK! (Already released in Belgium, Finland Spain, France and the US) If there any film you see over the bank holiday weekend, make it this one.