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Little girl playing with mothers makeup

I’m not sure if it’s just me but does anyone else find pamper parties for children that are 4 years old just plain wrong?  Even up to the age of 8 I wouldn’t feel comfortable – maybe age 12 would be OK, when they start senior school? Although I know I’m being a bit naive there when I think about what makeup I used to wear when I was 12 and what some of my friends were getting up to.

I have to admit I have a little boy but if I had a little girl and she or my son were invited to a pamper party where he could get his nails and makeup done, that would be one party he wouldn’t be going to.   Take the fact that applying makeup so young is surely not good for such young skin out of the equation, what about the message they are getting about their appearance at that age.  Shouldn’t 4 year olds be outside playing or playing on the cbeebies app rather than thinking about how they look?  Are we not breeding a generation of kids hung up on looks?  Should we not be talking to them about what they see in the media and all around them so they feel confident in themselves and have self-esteem as they naturally are rather than encouraging them to use makeup and cosmetics to make them look different?

Pamper parties are all around now though.  Within my family and circle of friends, parents are having pamper parties for their 4 and 5 year olds. While at the hairdressers the other day having my locks cut off they were preparing for a birthday pamper party. It looked great! Cocktail glasses full of mocktails, nail bar set up with an array of nail varnish colours to choose from and a range of hair styles to pick from that I couldn’t get my head around how they would possible pull the styles off. Plaits and braids that looked out of this world! But the kids were a group of 6 year olds.  For a business I understand that its big money and so it’s at the parent’s discretion, but for parents is it about pester power or peer pressure?  If I had a little girl would I end up letting her have a pamper party giving into peer pressure and pester power?

Let me know your thoughts.  Have you had a pamper party for your little one?  What was your thinking behind it? I’m interested to know if I’m alone in my thoughts or if you think little ones should be getting their hair, makeup and nails done.


We are coming to the end of our first week of crowdfunding, 6 days in and I’m exhausted.

Crowdfunding isn’t for everyone, it might not be for you. There are many pros which is why I chose it. Being beholden to the people I created Momawoo for is one great pro and really knowing if people believe in you and your idea is another.  The ability to get your services or product out there to those who have pledged is also great so they can help shape the company. But there are cons too, one being it is hard work! It’s not easy. The pledges don’t just roll in, you need to work at it and not get deflated when there is a day with no pledges at all. I’ve done six days, I have 24 left and I’m overwhelmed by the engagement as well as rather sleepy.

Lots of conversations on lots of different platforms from Twitter (@charlimomawoo) and Facebook (MomawooLtd) to email, phone and face to face with people I know, and random people I have started speaking to in shops (in that bright orange hoody with ears!).  I’ve taken to carrying a small notebook around with me – as apposed to the larger one I also carry – so I can whip it out to write down ideas as they come – I have spent quite some time racking my brains the past few days about what it was I thought was a great idea earlier that day or who I should contact. (Remnants of baby brain after nearly 4 years?  That’s what I keep telling myself!)  I also have a lot of draft tweets in my drafts folder, scared I’ll hit ‘send all’ at some point but so far so good. If you get a random tweet from me you know what has happened.

Crowdfunding is a fantastic platform for on many levels for raising the cash needed to start a business or take your business to the next level but if you’re not passionate about your idea or just want the cash to land in your lap, it isn’t for you.  If you are passionate, hard working and you are driven then it is for you.   If you have people around you that can help then even better, and the end game is very rewarding. Well I know it will be when we get there……

Visit our Crowdfunder page and tell us your thoughts and if you’re around in Sheffield next week at MADE: The Entrepreneurs Festival 2014 then say Hi! We’ll be at the Crowdfunding and other forms of funding debate with Irwin Mitchell on Thursday morning, bright and early!

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